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5/17/24 (updated)

I am still going to create this website, fully. Meanwhile, I am fixing some broken links. I have updated my 88x31 link, and if people want to contact me you can DM me on twitter. I have to remember how to add an email link that wont get farmed by bots or search engines.

Updates : I think I may have fixed the cache-control on the pages and iframe. I have also updated the stylesheet. Enjoy easier to read paragraphs and new 'Proggy' font!

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So I have been working about 50 hours a week since november, not including the commute. I have not had much time to do anything else. All work and no play makes for a sad boy.

2 weeks ago, I told my employer that I will only be working 40 hours a week. They acknowledged my small amount of leverage, and accepted my new schedule. This means that I should have more time to experiment on this here website. I really hope to have a big update soon.

An Advocate


Like butterflies floating in amber, Magdalena Bay is eternal


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Paper or Plastic Love ?

End Greed


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Not Cool.




Tiktok is straight up ruining the global population. Worse, the Chinese Communist Party is using it to influence and spy on western peoples. The CCP ultimately controls the algarithms.

The app is also destroying our ability to hold focus, and probably increasing the amount of narcissism in society.

TikTok Needs To Be Banned. Here's Why.

While you are at it, delete all Meta products

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Use DeepFake for Good, Not for Horny


Just because you have technology that CAN do something, does not mean it should do that thing.

Using AI to deepfake a celebrity doing sexualized content is a major no no. I hope that the government starts to put laws on the books that will treat this crap the same way we treat revenge porn. Those who host, distribute, and promote AI pornography, using people's likeness without consent, should face consequences.

Spectrum Life


If you are autistic or on the spectrum, then you probably realize that most people do not like you...

As a Neurodivergent person you should keep this in mind : "Neurotypicals' perceptions matter; neurodivergent intentions dont. Neurotypical intentions matter; neurodivergent perceptions do not."

The many dire problems that plague the autistic community, from titanic unemployment rates to medical torture to force us to repress our natural behaviours, do not stem from people not knowing that we exist, but from us not being accepted by the majority of people because of our natural differences. Autistic people don't commit suicide ten times more often than neurotypicals because they're despaired by not enough people being aware of autism.

Solidarity Now


It is important that the working class begins to stand their ground. It is time to organize at the workplace. Remember that we have protected rights as workers. We should be communicating our wages with one another. We should be attempting to unionize. We should be DEMANDING better working conditions. We deserve a living wage. Quit beleiving in the capitalist propaganda you were raised on. Meritocracy is a lie. Those who are own the capital have all the cards. Capital is not distrubuted via merit or comptency, rather it is typically handed down by the previous generation of capital owners.

5 million ideas

Birthdays and Luck Dragons


Well it is my birthday and I am old as shit.

In other news, I have added a new page to the lair. The Falkor Shrine" section of the website. Still trying to figure out the lair's place in web 1.0. Hoping to meet some yesterweb people and other neocities webmasters.

I Kimura Kanon (木村カノン)


Kanon is love. Kanon is life.

Reject Capitalism


Our economy has been quickly shifting into an automated grift economy. 45% of this country makes less than 30k per year. Businesses are understaffed, yet are not offering living wages. Executives continue to give themselves raises. There are 4x as many empty houses as there are homeless. The child poverty rate in America is 17%. It is time Americans shame the greedy. Reject their "status". Shun them from social circles. Protest against them. Organize unions. Do strikes. Do illegal strikes. Prosperity for all, not a few. If you do not feel radicalized yet, you are not paying attention. Housing, Healthcare, Education FOR ALL NOW!!!. Demand it.

Last X MAS




Sitting in a Hilton drinking a 5.40 dollar sprite because of a stupid tennessee blizzard. Doot Doot.

Hey yo

Let it burn


Society might be failing. But at least there will always be good music. We are in a time of transitions. A time of escalation. Things will be changing; quickly.

A legend passes

Rest in peace, Jason David Frank. You were one of my childhood heroes. Rest in power, forever known as the green and white ranger!


Artemis finally launches, narrowly avoiding the expiration of the vehicle.

(Click logo to see youtube video of the launch.)

Its Aliens...

Up late... and i have come to the belief that its....aliens...

(not really)

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So I have really just started this website, but I will be of course including links, and link-backs. I hope to get some content up, and regular updates going. Here is a temporary link button :

Life is but a dream

Flow Flow Flow in your boat.
The stream is unpredictable and uncontrollable
Try Try to be positive and be
Life is
and then isn’t
with dreams in between


All the friends are together again.
Time passed fast and slow, slow and fast for them all
All look the same.
All have learned many truths
All have been hurt and fearful
All have failed
All have succeeded
All have walls and filters.
Sincerity and Vulnerability
Too many afraid
But the clock moves
Pushing us away again for another time.


your stupid phone can view this site with stupid verticle phone screen now!

Get a computer..

I refuse to use javascript, or things like bootstrap on this site. It will be strictly HTML and CSS hand written. Therefore, until my brain figures some things out its best to view this site on a real computer, or at least turn your stupid phone sideways ya jerk.

Oh Hi

So... I am making this website. So far its a layout with a ton of placeholders that do things. I am not sure what this will be, so keep coming back and clicking on buttons.

Dedicated to:

So... I'd like to dedicate this website to a young man who doesn't think he's seen anything good today - Cameron Frye